Harwinton Public Library Policies

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Our Policies
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Collections & Loan Periods


2 weeks


2 weeks


2 weeks

WiFi Hotspots

2 weeks


2 weeks


1 week

Museum Passes

2 days


Books, audiobooks, magazines and games may be renewed twice for a total loan period of 6 weeks.
DVDs, HotSpots and Museum Passes may not be renewed.
There are no late fees.
DVDs, Museum Passes and HotSpots must be borrowed by adult patrons age 18 or older.

Computer Use

Children’s Computers

Computers in the Children’s Area of the library are preloaded with educational software geared toward younger (2-8) and older (6-12) children. These computers are not connected to the Internet. Children can play individually or together. Occasionally, if a wait develops, we may ask you to limit your session to 30 minutes.
To avoid disrupting other patrons with computer audio, please use the headphones provided. Disposable headphone covers are available at the front desk.

Patron Computers

Patron computers offer Internet Access and basic Office functions such as Word, Excel and Power Point.
A Harwinton Library card is not required in order to use our computers.
A 30 minute time limit may be enforced if a wait develops; please plan accordingly.
Patrons may not alter computer settings or configurations.
Patrons may not save items to computer hard drives, but may use our computers to download to their own storage device.
To avoid disturbing other patrons, please use headphones when listening to computer audio. Patrons may bring their own headphones or borrow a set at the front desk. Disposable headphone covers are available.
Children under 18 must have a permission form signed by a parent or guardian.
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Internet Use

First time users are asked to familiarize themselves with the terms of our Internet Acceptable Use Policy, available at the front desk.
The library does not monitor or control the content of material available through the Internet.
Patrons use their credit cards on the Internet at their own risk.
Please remember to log out of email, banking or any application requiring a login at the end of your session!
Inappropriate use or abuse of the Internet will result in loss of Internet privileges.

Wireless Internet Use

The library offers free wireless Internet access throughout our building and outdoor spaces.
By accessing our WiFi, the patron agrees to abide by the Library’s Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
Library staff cannot configure or troubleshoot your device.


You can read our full Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Policy here.

Activity Room Use

The Library is a non-profit, tax exempt organization. Reservations for use of the activity room can be made by non-profit, local organizations only. The activity room seats 49 and no program may disrupt the use of the library by others. Reservations can be made no more than 90 days in advance. Notice to cancel must be given to the Library 24 hours in advance. Persons attending the meetings are subject to all library rules and regulations. The Activity Room must be left in a clean and orderly condition. Users must pay the cost for repair of any damages to the facilities.

View the Activity Room use form here.

  • *Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis.  You may check the availability of the Activity Room on our Facilities Calendar or call us at 860-485-9113.*