Donating Books and Other Materials

The Harwinton Library Staff and Friends of the Library are grateful for gently used book donations throughout the year.  Please call the library to donate books.  For one box or bag, you may bring them to the library.  For more please email: to arrange a time for drop off.

bookshelves at the library

Details Regarding Donating Items
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Materials accepted as a donation may either be added to the library’s collection or given to the Friend’s book sales.


Items Accepted

  • books in good condition – hardcover or paperback, fiction or non-fiction, adult, young adult or children’s
  • puzzles, in good condition with all pieces
  • audio books on CD

Items Not Accepted

  • damaged materials – broken spines, loose pages, highlighted or written-in, or torn
  • materials with excessive discoloration
  • materials that are moldy, dirty or infested with insects (use the rule of thumb – if you would not want them in your house, no one else would either)
  • encyclopedias, dictionaries or textbooks
  • medical or travel books more than five (5) years old
  • magazines

Please Note:
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If you have books that are damaged or not saleable they may be placed in your home recycling bin (hardcover books need to have the covers removed and discarded in the trash).

All donations are tax deductible. A receipt is available upon request. Please note: the Library or Friends cannot assess the value of your gift.